So, we've been working on this idea for a collection of utilitarian items, accessories that fit into all projects for both home and business. Through months of thoughts, prototypes, and finally photos, I am a puddle of melty excitement to announce KKDW's sister shop, FAMILY.

As the compadre of KKDW, Family provides you with beautiful accessories to help you create flexible storage solutions. More designs and pieces will be added regularly, so continue to check back, but to start with, check out our shelf brackets, hooks, and first door handle.

Logo by our very favorite Lauren Dickens. I literally cried when I opened up the logo file for the first time. She's the best, isn't she?

Video below by our exceptionally talented and genius friend, Drea. Give her a follow if you don't already. Video music by KKDW's very own Aaron Ward <3


Wreath Ring in Action

My friend Leah came over yesterday to play with flowers in the Ranchito Studio. We styled her KKDW Wreath Ring (the 36" in Sea Gray) with blooms she brought and also snips from trees around the studio and down the road. Hung up as a floral chandelier, I can't stand it. This baby just begs to be hung low above a crowded table during a dinner party.

Photos of the final chandelier and process shots in the studio below...

KKDW in New Mexico

We snuck away to New Mexico for a few days to drink beers, eat delicious food, and try to recharge our batteries. I took so many photos of the dogs and us on various hikes, and the scenery in every single one blows me away; I wanted to give the photos life other than buried deep in my phone's photos. I promise the next blog post is on NEW WORK in the shop (so soon), but until then, I hope you don't mind very photogenic dawgs in the mountains...