Our Early Summer Floral Day Camp

Earlier this summer, some friends joined us for a Floral Design Day Camp. As everyone arrived we sipped mimosas and ate strawberry scones & peach galettes from fruit I had picked the day before from a local orchard. Using those colors as our palette inspiration, and we jumped into learning about flowers, starting with care and temperament, and into every step of the design process from the how to properly cut flowers to peppering in wispy chocolate cosmos.

While we were working with flowers, Travis had been cooking ingredients for tacos on the smoker, so we ended the day camp with homemade tacos and cold beers. Take a peek at some of the photos we captured, and sign up for the KKDW newsletter to hear about future workshops!


I'm moving up from a one-woman show to a two-person party: please help me welcome Travis to KKDW! Over the past few years, my husband Travis and I have worked independently on our own fabrication businesses while joining forces on larger projects here and there, and now we’re making it official. Very stoked to see where this takes KKDW, and even more stoked to have y’all joining along.

This small change will mean more large-scale fabrication projects, more furniture, new workshops, a forthcoming sister shop for all your utilitarian needs (think: sleek shelf brackets, hooks, table bases, and much more), and best of all... a new branch we're working on called KKDW Ranchito (coming soon!). I can say that the future is out there, and it's all because of you.

And for anyone who has met Travis or seen his work, you already know that he is a rare jewel of multifaceted skills, vision, and consideration. KKDW is lucky to have him.


Sounds Like: You Got It

Here's a short list of the songs I've been listening to. These songs are best served over slower mornings with coffee (or bloody marys), and late afternoons right as the sun starts to sink. Hope y'all enjoy. Cheers!


Ain't It A Sin

Charles Bradley





The Flying Burrito Brothers

The Gilded Palace of Sin & Burrito Deluxe



Baby You Got it

Brenton Wood

Brenton Wood's 18 Best



Toujours Plus Loin

Johnny Hallyday

Le Pénitencier



No Expectations

The Rolling Stones

Beggars Banquet



All Strung Out

Nino Tempo & April Stevens

All Strung Out



Down Here

Turnpike Troubadors

The Turnpike Troubadours

Please support the artists & their work by buying their music.


Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White

The Standells

Dirty Water - The Hot Ones



Are You Ready For The Country?

Waylon Jennings

Are You Ready For The Country?



Todo Terminó

Juan Wauters

Who Me?




Otis Redding

The Very Best of Otis Redding



Come Tomorrow

Townes Van Zandt

Delta Momma Blues



What Good Could Ever Come of This

Eliot Sumner




Pay You Back With Interest

The Hollies

The Hollies' Greatest Hits

New to the shop: Mahogany

New mahogany coffee table & XXL mirror, two designs now in the shop.

Mahogany is at once burly and delicate, a perfect marriage for these XXL pieces that showcase the hefty lines mahogany's capable of. The thickness of the mahogany, particularly on the coffee table, is hands-down one of the front-runners for my favorite aspect of the design, but it's neck and neck with the coffee table base. The pedestal base is bent steel, welded into a tripod, with a matte black powder coat. Que bella.

I shot everything at the shining start of sites, One Eleven East. The space is naturally filled with light so soft you'll just want to lay down on the floor and never leave. Which is what I almost did. One Eleven East is a historic building (constructed c. 1983) recently renovated into an event space and studio. Side note: my husband, Travis, built out a lot of the space throughout the renovation--lotsa reasons to love this place.

Flowers & Furniture

A few months ago I had a dream that I was building furniture out of flowers. Unlike so many dreams, this one seemed too beautiful and too attainable to not give it a go, so I welded up a steel cage to house florals, along with a credenza base, and got to work. I am still stunned by the result (in a good way). The best part of the Floral Credenza is that because I welded the cage, I'm able to restock and redesign the florals anytime, or let everything dry for something more permanent.

I've also got a new piece of actual furniture to share. This one is a solid wood credenza in lightened maple. I was using some maple scrap from my shop, so to make the most of it, I built the top in a herringbone design. I also added a handful of rectangular and double-dovetail keys on the top, which ended up looking so ethereal and beautiful in the lightened maple. Because the entire piece is 100% solid wood, creating the herringbone design without the aid of a plywood anchor or something to nail the maple to was a little tricky to finagle at first, but in the end I got it to work like a dream. The base is welded & waxed steel.


Spalted Pecan Side Tables

Spalted Pecan Side Tables. This design is now up in the web shop. Solid pecan case & drawer fronts, and solid cedar drawers; welded and waxed steel base. The drawer pulls are heavyweight leather with brass hardware. The original design for these is for a friend of mine, and god bless her for feeling adventurous about this pecan. It teeters between a blush pink and a high-contrast beige and dark gray--it's really, really beautiful in person.