NEW WORKSHOPS ANNOUNCED (!) & Photos of Our May Day Camp

When I first started KKDW, I never imagined that it would ever be anything more than just me building furniture in a makeshift shop underneath my porch or in my living room. But today I work out of KKDW HQ, our team of one is now a team of three (plus four doggos between us), and there's so much more going on than just furniture. I never planned to make teaching workshops a big part of our little company, but classes & Day Camps have become one of my favorite things under the proverbial KKDW umbrella. One of our Day Campers explains our camps best:

You show up, learn how to weld, eat & drink topo chicos, get good at welding, then eat again & drink beers.

Sounds about right. I love meeting the folks who come out, I love working with y'all, I love teaching alongside Travis, and I love seeing people rule so hard at making stuff.

That's all to say, we're gonna keep doing these workshops since y'all seem to dig them, too! I hope you can join us for one of our upcoming Day Camps out at KKDW HQ. Our projects for the summer & fall include a coffee table, a welded floral wreath, and a stool. I can't waaaaiiiiiiitttttt!

Here are some photos from our most recent Day Camp at the end of May, where our project was a 5-ft-long bench. As everyone arrived, the sky was overcast and rain was falling, but just as we moved into the shop to get started, the rain stopped and the air stayed cool for us. We ate vegetable chili during our lunch break, and as everyone finished up their benches, Travis pulled our dinner off of the smoker, where it had been cooking all afternoon. The smell of smokey oak logs & bbq mixed with the fresh smell rain as we cracked open our iced-down beers.

Welding goddess illustration by Eva Claycomb.

Photos of April Welding Day Camp, plus a little lagniappe

Sunday, April 9, we hosted one of our Spring Welding Day Camps. It was an incredible day of welding, bench-making, food-eating (big bowls of veggie chili for lunch, then a spread of stuffed chickens & boudin wraps & beers to end the day). Everyone ruled so hard mastering their own bench projects; this was some serious welding, and I'm happy to report that every single person's bench passed the test: sit down and wiggle your butt around to see if your bench works ;)

My next workshop will be April 30 at the amazing Hotel San Jose where we'll use KKDW shop-made rings to create beautiful floral wreaths. Their courtyard is an idyllic escape, plus flowers plus complimentart mimoasa/coffees? You're set. Join me!

Then, Travis & I will be holding two more Day Camps this season: a full Day Camp on May 20, and a Mini-Camp on June 24.

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Dr. John, Gris-Gris

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That's How I Got to Memphis
Tom T. Hall, Ballad of Forty Dollars and His Other Great Songs

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The Beach Boys, Sunflower

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