TA Norman

Design & Build: Kettle & Brine

I teamed up with Travis for another large-scale design & build project, this time for new Austin, TX-based home and kitchen shop Kettle & Brine. The project was an intense straight 30 days of muscle-screaming work, worth every ache because the end vision came through beautifully. The pièce de résistance is the solid brass checkout counter--an L-shaped 8-ft leg and 5-ft leg beauty queen.

Custom shelves line the back walls: spalted pecan and welded steel shelf supports. That pecan... man, that was a trip. The boards I used were so gnarled and short, it took a full week of work to get everything to flat & smooth perfection so you can appreciate the beautiful spalting. The bank of drawers beneath the shelves grounds the design and also gives Kettle & Brine a lot of extra storage space. Also built from pecan is the 12-ft-long live-edge slab table and accompanying benches.

Finishing out the space is a tiered display credenza, built-in shelves, a long bank of drawers along the east window, cubbies along the west window, and a butcher block kitchen island with welded steel base. The triangle-shaped walnut display shelves and the paneled side wall were done by my friend Matt at Only Sun Woodworks.

Kettle & Brine is every food enthusiast's dream, so be sure to give them a visit if you're in the area.

Design & Build: El Cosmico, Marfa, pt. 2

For the past few weeks I've been working alongside Travis to build a new space for El Cosmico: a 21-acre nomadic hotel and campground in Marfa, Texas. He and I worked with the crew extremadamente talentoso of Bunkhouse. We focused on The Highland House of El Cosmico, installing a collection of original designs that elevated the building's inherent magic.

The project included welded shelf supports that worked with a series of shelves, drawers, and hanging racks so that the space could be changed easily and as seen fit. We also built two display tables; two table-top mirrors; a full-length mirror; a reception desk with a waterfall steel top and alder front; steel window; steel & alder pendant lights; record storage & credenza. Materials included alder and raw steel.

You can see photos of the full project below or check out some process & behind-the-scenes dog pics in pt. 1, or view the entire collection of final photos via my recently added Special Projects page.

Design & Build: El Cosmico, Marfa, pt. 1

For the past few weeks I've been working alongside Travis to build a new space for El Cosmico: a 21-acre nomadic hotel and campground in Marfa, Texas. T & I are gonna get hitched in December, but as far as work goes, we usually do our own things, and collaborations start after hours when we're working together on a pizza. This project was the first time we've teamed up, and it has been an incredible, synergistic experience.

We focused on The Highland House at El Cosmico, and spent this past week installing a new shelving system, tables, a credenza, a new front desk, and more to create a fresh retail space. It was a lovely week filled with burritos, dogs, and friends. Check out some of the process photos I shot throughout the installation process. Part 2 photos of the final space, comin' up next!