Giveaway: Long & Low Table in Ready To Ship

Hey, you guys! Fall is my favorite season. After a brutal Central Texas summer, a day under 80 degrees feels like a gift, and it always gets my little mind-cogs turning again. The past couple summers have struck me down; I wade through the heat as if I have no creativity, no thoughts, no brain, and no business doing my job--I just end up go-go-going, pouring literal sweat into projects that don't inspire me or feel real to me. I'm still stumped as to why things have had a habit of following that pattern.

But then, without me expecting it, Fall snaps me out of it. I get to thinking again, dreaming about designs, stoked to be in my shop building (and building and building). And that disparity between my fall attitude and summer saditude got me analyzing my business and trying to drill into the fulfilling aspects. I'll be driving around, making lists of my dreams (a favorite pastime), and I have a somewhat new one I'd love to share with you...

The way KKDW functions at this very moment, I will build one version of a piece of furniture for a specific person, then I'll photograph it and put it on my website, and there the design will remain for infinite future people to order it, made-to-order-style. So, if you wanted a Small Open Record Cabinet, for example, you'd need to wait 6-8 weeks for me to build it. In other words, I don't have an inventory of furniture.

But I'm toying with this new idea where I'd build the piece of furniture first, and let the sale come second.

This would be rad for me because I'd get to spend as much time as I desired to perfect each and every piece without the deadline of shipping the furniture in a certain amount of time, and it would mean that when you see a piece you like, BOOM, out it goes in a matter a days, not weeks/months. Of course, I'll still be building the canon of designs in my web shop for folks, but I also feel really excited about this "ready to ship" section of the shop. So excited that I'm giving away a sample piece: the Long & Low Table. Want it?

To win the Long & Low Table, follow @kkdwco on Instagram and answer the following question in the comments section right here on the blog: What is the piece of furniture you'd most like to see in the new "ready to ship" section of the KKDW shop? Answers can include stuff like functionality, materials (type of wood or something that's only wood or something that's wood & steel, etc.), size, anything you think would be helpful so we can all be awesome together.
Enter through Friday, November 13 at 11:59 p.m. CST, and be sure to associate your comment with your best email address, because that's how I'll notify the winner. I'll choose the winner randomly and let the person know on Monday, November 16. Shipping and/or delivery is included**.

Thank you all, really, for what feels like endless support already. And I'm not just saying that because Fall has me in a good mood. Love you.

**Please keep in mind that I can ship the Long & Low Table to USA addresses only. Sorry, international peeps! But if you enter the drawing and I pick your name, I'll send you a little something, too!

EDIT 11/16/2015

Wow, thank you so much to everyone who entered and for some incredibly thoughtful comments. And congratulations to our winner: Jen! I'll do this again sometime soon, y'all.