Winter Day Camps at KKDW HQ

We feel so lucky to have a space where we can welcome folks who want to learn a new skill. Our shop is a special place to us, and it means the world to be able to share it in a meaningful way.

In January we hosted Day Camp: The Basics of Welding; it was amazing group whose project was building their own stool. We covered everything from equipment and techniques to sourcing steel. My favorite part was probably when everyone went over to our scrap steel pile and picked out a few scrap pieces to practice welding together--it's one of those rites of passage for everyone learning to weld to have some sort of weird steel "art" as they're getting the hang of it. After the work, we settled into a spread of BBQ brisket (that had been smoking since 2 AM that morning) and a keg from our buddies at ABGB.

Then this past weekend, we changed gears just a bit and held Day Camp: Welding & Floral Styling. Everyone cut, rolled, then welded their own chandelier hoop--then I showed everyone how to style it with a bounty of florals. It was an amazing change of pace to be loud and messy, cutting steel and welding, for the first half, and then have an almost meditative second half as everyone styled their own chandelier hoop while Willie Nelson serenaded us on the stereo and the birds chirped outside. Throughout the entire Day Camp, Travis had been smoking chickens on our smoker, and afterwards we all celebrated with BBQ chicken tacos and beers--a perfect day, y'all.

We'll be hosting another workshop this spring, and we'd love to have you out! Classes are capped small and tend to sell out early, so sign up here to hear when registration is open first :)

Our friend Drea and her scorched denim--a testament to the mild danger of welding ;)

Our friend Drea and her scorched denim--a testament to the mild danger of welding ;)