Flowers & Furniture

A few months ago I had a dream that I was building furniture out of flowers. Unlike so many dreams, this one seemed too beautiful and too attainable to not give it a go, so I welded up a steel cage to house florals, along with a credenza base, and got to work. I am still stunned by the result (in a good way). The best part of the Floral Credenza is that because I welded the cage, I'm able to restock and redesign the florals anytime, or let everything dry for something more permanent.

I've also got a new piece of actual furniture to share. This one is a solid wood credenza in lightened maple. I was using some maple scrap from my shop, so to make the most of it, I built the top in a herringbone design. I also added a handful of rectangular and double-dovetail keys on the top, which ended up looking so ethereal and beautiful in the lightened maple. Because the entire piece is 100% solid wood, creating the herringbone design without the aid of a plywood anchor or something to nail the maple to was a little tricky to finagle at first, but in the end I got it to work like a dream. The base is welded & waxed steel.