KKDW has gone through a bit of a reawakening, thanks to the mind & hand of Lauren Dickens. She worked on new n improved design elements to reflect what my little biz has evolved into since inception. KKDW is my name--Kathryn Kelly DeWitt--which means it's whatever I want to do, right? Which felt like a revelatory thought! Usually what I want to do is build furniture, but maybe not always with wood; and what I also want to do is photograph and style my work, and build weird backdrops, and make mixtapes, and who knows what else. Do you ever feel like you want the option to do anything?

With that in mind, Lauren and I decided it was time for a redesign that reflected this subtle personal and business evolution. She knocked it out of the park. Not to mention, the geniuses of Ft. Lonesome chain-stitched Lauren's work onto a flag that was hand-dyed by my pal Maura. It's all so beautiful I don't even think I can stand it.

Below are some photos I took of Lauren working on this project, along with the final designs.