TWO NEW: KKDW open record cabinets

I recently finished building two open record cabinets. One is a big guy that holds about 500 records. The other is a smaller cabinet that fits around 200 records. What I love most about the small cabinet is that it’s completely solid walnut, even the legs. No welded steel on this one. I don’t have a lathe {yet}, so I was stumped on how to build four perfectly cylindrical legs. I did a little experimentation with a router with a round over bit on some 1 x 1” walnut I cut, and that did the trick. You don’t always have the right tools, but life is about adaptation, right?

After I had my cylindrical legs, I used my bandsaw to cut kerfs into the tops of each of them, then I wedged another piece of walnut into the kerfs to keep the legs super snug in the cabinet. The weight of 200 records really adds up, so it was important to use techniques that could handle the heft. The entire piece is built with modern and traditional joinery—dado joints on the sides and a nice dovetail in the center. The ace in the hole is the joint that runs along the back of the top that allows you to face out your favorite records or whatever’s on the player.