Design & Build: Kettle & Brine

I teamed up with Travis for another large-scale design & build project, this time for new Austin, TX-based home and kitchen shop Kettle & Brine. The project was an intense straight 30 days of muscle-screaming work, worth every ache because the end vision came through beautifully. The pièce de résistance is the solid brass checkout counter--an L-shaped 8-ft leg and 5-ft leg beauty queen.

Custom shelves line the back walls: spalted pecan and welded steel shelf supports. That pecan... man, that was a trip. The boards I used were so gnarled and short, it took a full week of work to get everything to flat & smooth perfection so you can appreciate the beautiful spalting. The bank of drawers beneath the shelves grounds the design and also gives Kettle & Brine a lot of extra storage space. Also built from pecan is the 12-ft-long live-edge slab table and accompanying benches.

Finishing out the space is a tiered display credenza, built-in shelves, a long bank of drawers along the east window, cubbies along the west window, and a butcher block kitchen island with welded steel base. The triangle-shaped walnut display shelves and the paneled side wall were done by my friend Matt at Only Sun Woodworks.

Kettle & Brine is every food enthusiast's dream, so be sure to give them a visit if you're in the area.